In this fantastical coming-of-age story, a naïve teen embarks on a class field trip to the mountains where she braves big rumors, big boobs, and even Bigfoot... learning just how hairy eighth grade can be.
Featuring Tori Bates, Zoey Todd, Maricel Lopez-Marrero
Written and Directed by Geena Marie Hernandez
Story by Geena Marie Hernandez and Chris Violette
Produced by William Stead
Director of Photography: Chris Violette
Production Designed and Edited by Chayse Banks
Outfest Fusion Film Festival 2021 - Official Selection
Tampa Bay Underground Film Festival 2020 - Winner: Best Student Short, Best Leading Actress
South Georgia Film Festival 2021 - Winner: Best of Fest​​​​​​​
Pensacon Film Festival 2021 - Winner: Best Fantasy Short
Online release coming soon.

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