Growing up in the palm-tree lined and lizard-littered suburbs of South Florida, you could probably find me doing one of the following: filling dozens of notebooks with stories and drawings, or pretending I was a mermaid while swimming. These days, the only thing that's changed is that I write on the computer now.
I love to tell vibrant stories that push the boundaries of genre, mix hilarity with humanity, and have LOTS of color! I graduated from Florida State University's Film School in 2020 and have since worked as the assistant to the Producers at Bento Box Animation, shows like Atlanta (FX) and The Walking Dead (AMC), and I'm currently working as the Director's assistant on an upcoming Disney+ feature film. My newest short film "Chicks" was a recipient of the WAVE Grant, a grant & mentorship program started by multi-Sundance winning studio Wavelength Productions.
Outside of filmmaking, I like to color-coordinate my earrings with my outfits and I'll never pass on an opportunity to do karaoke (poorly, yet passionately.)

I love meeting new people!
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