Growing up in suburban South Florida you'd probably find me doing one of the following: filling dozens of notebooks with stories and drawings I'd come up with, or pretending I was a mermaid while swimming. These days, the only thing that's changed is that I write with my laptop now.
I love to make movies that push genre, mix hilarity with humanity, and have LOTS of color. I'm currently living in Atlanta, GA where I've worked as a Producer's Assistant for shows like Atlanta (FX) and The Walking Dead (AMC), and at night I'm working developing more projects while working on my latest short film "Chicks" as a recipient of the 2021 Wave Grant.
Outside of movies, I like to color-coordinate my earrings with my outfits and I'll never pass on an opportunity to do karaoke (poorly, yet passionately.)
Contact: geenamhernandez@gmail.com
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