Growing up in South Florida you'd probably find me doing one of two things: wasting countless sheets of printer paper to write and draw out stories that I'd come up, or pretending I was a mermaid while swimming in the pool. Today - not much has changed... but now I use my computer.
recently graduated with a BFA from Florida State University's College of Motion Picture Arts specializing in writing/directing, but I truly love all aspects of filmmaking from production design to producing. There's a special place in my heart for animation and I hope to work in both mediums across film and television.
I love to write playful, honest stories that blend genres, mix hilarity with humanity, and have LOTS of color. This year, I've just recently moved to Atlanta to work at Bento Box Animation and I'm also working on my next short film with the support of Wavelength Productions as a recipient of the 2021 Wave Grant.
When I'm not working or having a staring contest with Final Draft, I like to dress in the type of clothes you’d find in your local art teacher’s wardrobe, make color-coordinated spreadsheets of places I intend to travel to, and visit my favorite karaoke bar (pre-pandemic) to belt out early 2000's jams.
I really love meeting people and collaborating with others, leave me a message if you wanna chat!
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