Stage Fright starts as a slasher horror film that follows a talented high school senior, Melanie, who gets too absorbed in the pursuit of perfection on the opening night of the biggest show of the year. What’s worse, it’s 5 minutes before places and she starts to see shadows and an ominous masked man. Her anxiety finally spirals and her stage fright manifests into a cliché horror-movie slasher that’s out to kill her… through song.

Starring Jena Brooks, Jason Paul Tate, Shannon Haskell, and Nathan Williamson
Written and Directed by Geena Marie Hernandez
Produced by Chayse Banks
Director of Photography: Chris Violette
Production Designer: Aaron Brooks
Original Song "Stage Fright" by Grace Hayes, Lyrics by Geena Marie Hernandez and Grace Hayes
Original Score by Brian Dozier Brown
Choreography by Brooke Schellpfeffer
Edited by Daniel Jacobs

Winner: Best Original Score at Atlanta Student Film Festival
Nominated: Best Student Short, Best Original Score at Tampa Bay Underground Film Festival

Please ask for a link to view the film.
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