A girly sleepover quickly unravels when a shy teenager becomes the center of a bizarre nighttime ritual in this genre-defying coming of age short film.  (12 min)  IMDB

Starring Nikole Davis with Jena Brooks, Maddie Moore, Lilliana Simms 
Written and Directed by Geena Hernandez
Produced by Chayse Banks
Director of Photography: Chris Violette
Production Designer: Sky Theis
Edited by Jenavieve Verley


"If you like girly teen comedies, Chicks has that. If you like bizarre feminist horror, Chicks has that. And if you like fun, stylistic “WTF” movies where you’re not sure where it’s heading but you’re totally down for the ride, Chicks definitely has that." - (We Are Moving Stories Interview)
"Chicks is a sharp genre-defying take on a classic teenage girl slumber party, addressing the stereotypes and media portrayals of female friendship with humor." Wavelength Productions Unveils Recipients of Second Annual WAVE Grant (Deadline)
"Colorful throughout and mind-bending when the insanity kicks in, Hernandez’s short is a blast featuring wholly unexpected surprises." - (Horror Fuel)
"Chicks is a fun horror comedy, oozing with style. It serves as a strong showcase for Writer/Director Geena Hernandez. This really is the kind of raucous, wild ride that would be fun to see at a crowded midnight screening." - (OC Reviews)
"Its vivid, ambitious finale will leave you reeling: an overall audience pleaser with just the right amount of WTF." - (NFFTY Programmer Picks Podcast @ 15:22)
"This looks great, like a pink candy nightmare and the end is wonderful." - (Fantastic Fest, Bands About Movies)
“Chicks invites the viewer to rethink on-screen depictions of teen female friendships, which are typically fraught with needless rivalry and manipulation."Rites and Wrongs of Passage: Crowdfunding Picks (Women and Hollywood)​​​​​​​
"CHICKS is a must-see short and filmmaker Geena Hernandez is one to watch." - (Morbidly Beautiful)​​​​​​​
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